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About RETI

RETI - Ranaco Education & Training Institute

Surrounded by industrial area in Kemaman, Terengganu, RETI was established in 2004 under the 1996 Institute of Higher Education Act, is the only private higher learning institution that provides education and training combining a Diploma and Degree Programs with various selection of recognised and required industrial certificates.

All RETI’s Diploma,Degree, and Open Distance Learning Programs are accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency.

The industrial certificates that are provided to the students are accredited by the International Maritime Organization, Department of Occupational Safety & Health, OPITO and other recognized multi-national companies.

At RETI, we recognize that industries wish to employ graduates with knowledge, competencies, soft skills and proactive safety skills. However, industries do not have sufficient resources to train their own employees.

To remedy this, RETI link and match education and training programs to the requirements of our in-house and external network industries.

Located in the vicinity of 19 petrochemical plants, 5 main ports and terminals, 1500 small and medium industrial sites and more than 100 offshore platforms, RETI is at the hub of this education and training initiatives.

Awarded as a 6 star rated college under MyQuest 2016/2017 by the Ministry of Higher Educuation, RETI has embarked to become an international private higher learning institution by collaborating with Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT) and Mokpo National Maritime University, South Korea.

To this date, RETI has successfully trained and equipped more than 10,000 alumni from across Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Maldives entering into the industry.

UPDATED: 21st June, 2018