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Academic Courses

Ranaco Marine Sdn Bhd / Ranaco Education and Training Institute Sdn Bhd

We have been in business for 25 years. When oil was first discovered in offshore Terengganu and the industry was in its infancy, we trained and briefed offshore personnel on safety, processes and procedures.

For vessels and offshore platforms, we serviced their Life Rafts and Fire Fighting Equipment. We wish to pass all these years of knowledge to the next generation and set new standards of differentiation of industry-trained and industry focused students with positive values, attitudes and skills to serve in the various industries.

Our interaction between industries and the institute facilitate the education and training of 'ready to work' graduates in the shortest possible time.

We offer Diploma, Vocational and Industrial short courses such as Basic Safety Training Helicopter Escape Training , Permit to work , Confined space entry , Fire fighting , Tanker Familiarization etc.

We also aim to provide a learning environment that meets industry needs and requirements with qualified, competent and highly skilled lecturers and students.Read More

Diploma Courses

Diploma Courses offered by Ranaco are leading the way in industry specific training with the lowest fees and flexible payment scheme, located close to relevant industries with over 400 companies that support our programs. Our Diploma courses are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Programs accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency.

Vocational Courses

The vocational training programs offered are accredited by the Skills Development Department (JPK) - No: L00746 under the Ministry of Human Resources.

The training duration is based on the program offered; minimum of six (6) months until twelve (12) months. The programs are acknowledged by MARA and the relevant industries.

Short Courses

The Industry short courses are in high demand and approved / licensed by the Department of Occupational Safety and Health , International Maritime Organization , PETRONAS and other Multi-National oil and gas companies . These courses have a duration of less than seven (7) days.

Continuous Education Program

Continuous Education Program is a training course and educational program duly accredited by DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety & Health) which is mandatory for competent Safety and Health Officer (SHO) to attend at least one module per year

  • To provide a positive and conducive learning environment.
  • Creating and consistently enhancing Safety & Health Environment Quality (SHEQ) management system.
  • To meet industry needs with qualified and highly skilled graduates
  • Creating and providing lecturers, instructors and tutors who are qualified, industry acknowledged and competent.
  • Providing higher professional education and international academic acknowledgment in a rapidly changing environment.