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Application, Process & Cost

Application Process

It is your responsibility to maintain your legal status at all times while you are in Malaysia. Students who allow their visa/student pass to expire are considered as "overstayers". In this case, the student's ability to enter Malaysia in the future may be affected.

International students are required to submit application to extend student pass one month before expiry date to RETI's International Office.

  1. IO applies for the Approval Letter for Foreign Student to Study in Malaysia from the Immigration Department of Malaysia
  2. Students apply for visa before entering Malaysia
  3. Students enter Malaysia and register at RETI
  4. Students apply for Student Pass & Social Pass for their dependants
  5. Students apply for extension of pass & visa at least 1 month before the expiry date
  6. IO will process application for cancellation / shortens the duration of pass & visa for students who defer, withdraw, or dropout from the university.

Cost For Pass & Visa

  1. Student Pass : RM60.00 / Application
  2. Social Pass :
    • husband / sister / brother / grandmother / grandfather of the international student : RM50.00 / Month / Application
    • mother / father / wife / child of the international student : RM90.00 / Year / Application
  3. Visa : According to country
  4. Personal Bond : RM10.00 / Application
  5. Journey Performed Fee : RM500.00 / Application
  6. Special Pass : RM100.00 / Application
  7. Application Form : RM1.00 / Application