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Business Learning Center
Today's business environment demands the need to gain competency and share strategic knowledge. The Ranaco Business Learning Centre (RBLC) delivers competency-based curriculum, course and content through management, business and language soft skills training. Its programs range from the personal level up to the professional development level as well as management training. Our focus is to develop managers, leaders and workers through management program training and assessment.

Our one (1) day soft skills training course will include:

Setting Objective

How "Actionable" and "Measurable" objectives can be achieved and how to avoid pitfalls in setting objectives. Trainees will work through their own practical assignment and project to demonstrate their improved skills and to develop performance standards at work by using their pre-set objectives and straightforward planning methods in their work situation.

Coaching Others

Define the coaching processes, describe the advantages and disadvantages of coaching, list the basic components of coaching and explain the skills required to coach others, especially our subordinates.


Explain the rationale and principles of delegation, critically examine the approaches to delegation, ascertain what to delegate and what not to delegate and prepare you to delegate in your work situation by using a systematic approach to delegation and evaluate the results of your actions.

Leadership and Motivation

Identify a range of leadership styles and behaviors and how they meet staff requirements. It also identifies, in general terms what motivates your staff by providing a working environment in which staff can be self-motivated and identify how to modify your leadership style according to the needs of your situation.

Controlling Others

Ideas and suggestions about the practice of control operation and the ability to measure company and departmental performance. Trainees will also be able to recognize unfavorable trends, identify possible forms of corrective action and appropriate forms of control for any situation.

Problem Solving

Examine problems and decisions in a logical and methodical format to resolve problems and make decisions faster and more effectively. These techniques will be exercised by making decisions individually or within groups. At the conclusion of the course there will be a session for trainees to justify the decisions made and an open forum amongst trainees for constructive criticism on chosen decisions.

Time Management

Record and analyze daily use of time in such a way that trainees can reallocate effort and resources to important areas. It also identifies significant aspects of how efficient time management will improve productivity and the way we work. This course also covers techniques to cope with common challenges such as setting priorities, interaction with people, interruptions, procrastination and managing "time thieves"

Handling Effective Meetings

Basic techniques and method for conducting an effective meeting such as preparing an agenda, identifying the appropriate membership of the meeting and writing action minutes summarizing the decisions of the meeting. The meetings should be effective, enjoyable and organized in such a way that they don't waste time. You will also gain the skills to review the success of a meeting and identify any corrective actions required.

Communication Skills

Basic process of communication and will explain some of the most difficult communication issues managers face by providing constructive and effective feedback and performance appraisal.