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Industrial Labs

At RETI, we aim to provide a learning environment that meets industry needs and requirements with qualified, competent and highly skilled lecturers and trainers.

In order to achieve this objective, RETI has established Industrial Labs that provide on-site training for students in a working environment using equipment, techniques, simulators, procedures and methodologies with experienced and skilled trainers.

By studying and training at these locations and environment, students gain hands-on industrial experience that will be acknowledged as an added advantage to prospective employers.

As training progresses and the students begin to feel more confident, it enhances their competencies and ultimately be more productive with the added bonus of having practical experience within the industry.

This method of studying at Industrial Labs has proven to be a valuable and highly effective development tool that encourages Ranaco graduates to be more confident, highly skilled and know what to expect within their chosen field.

Components of Ranaco Industrial Labs: