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Diploma in Integrated Management System
Integrated Management System
(R/345/4/0531) 08/19


To provide quality graduates who are knowledgeable and competent to participate in various industrial fields and implement the Quality Management System (ISO 9001), Environmental Management System (ISO 14000), Occupational Safety & Health Management System (OHSAS 18000) and Security Management System.


Risk Executive, Document Controller, Safety and Health Supervisor, Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Auditor, Assistant of Safety and Health Officer, Instructor, Negotiator and any related career.

This programme encompasses the following subjects :

  • Basic Risk Management
  • Fundamental Knowledge in Environmental
  • Occupational Safety & Health Management System
  • Risk Assessment Technique
  • Environmental Management System
  • Risk Behavior Management
  • Accident Investigation & Corrective Action
  • Quality Management System
  • System Development & Implementation
  • Integrated Audit Management System
  • Security Management System
  • Financial Risk Management

Registration Fee
Please call our Admission Department at: +609-850 3160 Ext 109 & 110 for further information

Accommodation Fee
  • Accommodation fee of RM 140 per month (inclusive of electricity & water consumption).
  • Transportation fee of RM 50 per month.