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Diploma in Marine Cargo Surveying
Marine and Cargo Surveying
(R/525/4/0057) 09/19


To produce competent and knowledgeable graduates for maritime related field; survey & inspection management, shipping, logistics & transportation and international trade.To produce quality graduates who are knowledgeable and competent in the Survey and Inspection Management, Shipping, Logistics and Transport, and import export. This program specializes in ship inspection, cargo and container handling and port management.


Warehousing Supervisor, Ship Agent, Forwarding/Logistics, Adjuster, Assistant Operations, Ship Crews, Surveyor, Marine Inspector (Insurance), Marine Department, Fisheries Department, Royal Customs of Malaysia, The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency and any related career.

This programme encompasses the following subjects :

  • Ship Science
  • Introduction to the Carriage of Cargoes by Seas
  • Loading Master
  • Marine Cargo Survey Practices I
  • Marine Cargo Survey Practices II
  • Marine Insurance
  • Marine Cargo Operation
  • Marine Safety
  • Shipping Practices
  • Marine Law & Convention
  • Shipping Economic
  • Maritime Knowledge & Report Writing
  • Damage Cargo Claim
  • Dry Bulk & Tanker Operations
  • Containerization

Registration Fee
Please call our Admission Department at: +609-850 3160 Ext 109 & 110 for further information

Accommodation Fee
  • Accommodation fee of RM 140 per month (inclusive of electricity & water consumption).
  • Transportation fee of RM 50 per month.