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Diploma in Marine Engineering (*Previous knowingly as Diploma in Maritime Technology Engineering )
Marine Engineering
(R/525/4/0085) 01/21


To produce quality graduates who are knowledgeable and competent in maritime industry specialized in engineering. This program gives knowledge about elements and functions regarding maritime technology engineering, identifying problems in operation and maintenance, as well as provides guidance and practical skills in the field of engineering technology, including shipping and oil & gas.


Marine Superintendant, Assistant Surveyor, Service and Maintenance Technician, Assistant Quality Control and Quality Assurance, Assistant Marine Surveyor, Assistant Marine Engineer and any related career.

This programme encompasses the following subjects :

  • Engineering Mathematics
  • Industrial Chemistry
  • Computer Application
  • Introduction to Marine Engineering
  • Thermodynamics
  • Electronics
  • Engineering Workshop Practice
  • Applied Mechanic
  • Electro technology
  • Naval Architecture & Ship Construction
  • Engineering Workshop Skills
  • Engineering Materials
  • Engineering Drawing
  • Instrumentation
  • Marine Engineering Knowledge
  • Engineering Design
  • Maritime Law
  • Engineering Knowledge (Motor, Knowledge, Steam)
  • Marine Electric Practice
  • Marine Controls & Automation

Registration Fee
  • Please call our Admission Department at: +609-850 3160 Ext 109 & 110 for further information

Accommodation Fee
  • Accommodation fee of RM 140 per month (inclusive of electricity & water consumption).
  • Transportation fee of RM 50 per month.