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Ranaco Marine Sdn Bhd

Licensed by most oil majors. We conduct the following services:

Marine Surveys:

  • Marine Warranty Surveys
  • Towage Approvals
  • On/Off hire, Condition and Suitability Surveys
  • Damage Surveys
  • Cargo Superintendent and Stowage

Bulk Dry & Liquid and General Cargo Surveys:

  • Weight and Draft Surveys
  • Cargo Quantity Verification
  • Sampling/Quality Verifications
  • Damage and Contaminations Condition Surveys of various commodities, petroleum, chemicals, and vegetable oils.

Marine Insurance:

  • Hull and Machinery claims
  • Protection and Indemnity Clubs surveys
  • Marine Cargo Claims
  • Pre-Insurance Valuation and Condition Surveys.

Marine Consultancy & Others:

  • Marine Procedures and Consultancy
  • Vessel Repair and Construction Supervision
  • Salvage
  • Safety and Health, Environmental and Quality Audits
  • Pilotage and Mooring
  • Towage Suitability
  • Compass Adjustment

Calibrations and Non- Destructive Tests:

  • Calibrations of Bulk low Meters and Tanks
  • Protection and Indemnity Clubs Surveys
  • Marine Cargo Claims
  • Pre-Insurance Valuation and Condition Surveys