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Marketing Training Department
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Industrial Exchange Department
Mr. Tengku

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Student Affairs Department
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Q : What is RETI

A : RETI was established in 2004 under the 1996 Institute of Higher Education Act, is the only private higher learning institution that provides education and training combining a Diploma and Degree Programs with various selection of recognized and required industrial certificates. The industrial certificates that are provided to the students are accredited by the International Maritime Organization, Department of Occupational Safety & Health, OPITO and other recognized multi-national companies.

Q : Where is RETI’s main campus located?

A : We are in East Cost of Peninsular Malaysia or in more specific we are in Kemaman, Terengganu. See Goggle Map Location at https://goo.gl/maps/7CuKGRGxK91A8VqE6

Q : How does RETI prepare its graduating students to have the necessary skills to compete in the job market?

A : At RETI, we recognize that industries wish to employ graduates with knowledge, competencies, soft skills and proactive safety skills. However, industries do not have sufficient resources to train their own employees. To remedy this, RETI link and match education and training programs to the requirements of our in-house and external network industries, in addition to the industrial certificate that we provided for each program.

Q : What are the programmes offered at RETI? Are they accredited?

A : RETI programmes are Diploma and Degree. These programmes are highly industry oriented and accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). Thus we believe our programmes will be suitable for all students who wish to pursue tertiary education. The areas of specialisation are:
  1. Diploma in Maritime management
  2. Diploma in Logistic & Supply Chain
  3. Diploma in Marine Cargo Surveying
  4. Diploma in Occupational Safety & Healh
  5. Diploma in Nautical Studies
  6. Diploma in Marine Engineering
  7. Diploma in Offshore Engineering
  8. Degree in Management

For More information, see our Programmes List.

Q : What are entry requirement for students who are interested in joining RETI?

A : Minimum 3 credits in SPM in any subject, However for certain programs, it is necessary to credit in a certain subject such as Math & Science. For more information, see our program list.

Q : Is they any hostel provided for the students?

A : Every institutes have their own hostel. However it is by first come first serve basis and fee RM150per month were imposed.

Q : When is the intake for RETI & how to apply?

A : The intake for RETI  Programme will be on Feb, July And Oct every year. Do checking RETI media social (Facebook & Instagram) and our website for updates. You may apply via our website, social media or through Whatsapp our officer the the number given in our website & social media.

Q : I’m female student. Can I join RETI?

A : Yes, RETI has no restriction for female students to allowing them to join RETI together with male students.

Q : Are all the students studying at RETI fully sponsored?

A : No. However RETI provides PTPTN loans & Affin Bank Education Loans. See details in financial assistance for more in formations.

Q : How does RETI handle student affairs?

A : Generally, all student affairs are handled by the Office of Student Affairs and Alumni. Student’s intake is handled by the Department of Academic Management, Registrar Office.

Q : Are the students be exposed to an internship or on-site visits during their studies?

A : Yes. They will be given the opportunity to undergo a 3-month internship. This guarantees the students a well-balanced curriculum between theory and practical skills. Our Industrial Exchange Department (IED) will be in charge for the student’s internship placement.

Q : What are the major languages used at RETI?

A : RETI uses both Malay and English.

Q : What are the career field upon graduating from RETI?

A : Graduates of RETI may gain full employment in several industry such as the maritime industry with shipping companies, ports, public bodies, logistic companies, occupational safety & health industry such as oil & gas company, construction, factory, regulatory and enforcement bodies, statutory bodies, GLCs, maritime transport, leisure industry and many more.

Q : Can RETI students continue their studies in the other University after their diploma?

A : Yes, they can continue their studies in other University (IPTA & IPTS)

Q : Is RETI an IPTS or IPTA?