Importance of Occupational Health _ Safety

Occupational health and safety is concerned with ensuring and providing a safe environment for all employees at a workplace. No work environment can be completely devoid of injuries and hazards because there is always a possibility that someone might suffer an accident.

Occupational health and safety also allows employees to benefit from a safe and healthy work environment for themselves as well as others who work there. In 2015, there were over 3,300 work-related accidents reported in Malaysia. From these accidents, 214 deaths resulted. Therefore, it can clearly be seen that occupational health and safety plays an important role in sparring workers from unfortunate incidents such as fires, explosions, or any other calamities which may befall them. It is vital for all workplaces in any industry to take appropriate measures to keep their workers safe.


How Malaysia Handles Occupational Health and Safety

 The Malaysian government took an important step towards promoting occupational health and safety in the country when it introduced the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994. The responsibility to enforce this Act lies with the Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) under the Ministry of Human Resources.

The Act was intended to create a safe and healthy work culture among all employers and employees so that their safety, health, and welfare as well as those of others who are at risk of occupational safety risks arising from workers’ activities are protected.

The industrial sectors involved are as follows:

  • Manufacturing
  • Mining and decomposition
  • Construction
  • Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
  • Gas, electricity, water, and sanitation facilities
  • Transportation, storage, and communication
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Finance, insurance, property, and business services
  • Public service and statutory authorities


Why Occupational Health and Safety Is Important

Some employers believe that occupational safety and health is a trivial matter and does not bring profits to the company. However, this isn’t true; a company with a high standard of occupational health and safety will experience great benefits over time. Here are some of the reasons why this is so:

  1. The company’s productivity will increase. This isn’t difficult to understand at all. Employers who take good care of their employees will also take good care of the company. In addition, no employer can seriously expect the company to thrive and become profitable if its employees are constantly exposed to danger. The costs that must be borne by the employer in the event of an accident at work can be extremely expensive. The higher the cost, the greater the inconvenience caused and the more harmful the accident would be to the company’s operations.
  2. The company’s reputation will be enhanced. Well-constructed occupational health and safety policies will undoubtedly improve a company’s reputation. Of course, all employers would like their companies to gain prominence in their respective industries. When employers implement effective occupational health and safety policies in their companies, employees will gain awareness about these matters and act in ways that make the companies in question safer places to work. This will subsequently boost the companies’ respective reputations. Every company’s reputation is very important because almost every project tender issued today is in some way related to occupational health and safety. Any company with a good reputation regarding occupational health and safety has an advantage when attempting to earn a coveted contract that could be worth millions. Yes, that’s right – occupational health and safety can make a company’s revenue skyrocket.
  3. The company will be legally compliant. Every company registered in Malaysia must comply with occupational safety and health laws that have been implemented by the Malaysian government. Laws such as the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1994 (OSHA) and the Factories & Machinery Act 1967 must be followed by every company. Those which do not will be punished accordingly.

Occupational health and safety is not as simple as one might think it to be; it requires the commitment of the employer as well as every employee in the organization for optimal implementation. However, if occupational health and safety is overlooked, various accidents may happen to employees; this will in turn reflect negatively on the company.


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