Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Want to build a career in logistics? If you do, you must first understand the basic information and details about logistics. We will cover them in the following paragraphs.


Logistics can be defined as the management process which integrates the movement of goods, services, information, and capital from raw material sources to consumers. Logistics makes every supply-based business run smoothly. 

The goal of logistics is the provision of high-quality products to key customers in a timely and accessible manner. Logistics activities are divided into two broad categories. These are inbound logistics and outbound logistics. Inbound logistics is related to material acquisition, handling, storage and transportation. Outbound logistics, on the other hand, is related to collection, maintenance, and distribution or delivery to end users.

Other logistics activities include warehousing, protection packaging, order fulfillment, stock control, maintenance of balance between demand and supply, and stock management. These activities are conducted in order to save time and money while punctually delivering high-quality products to customers.


Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a series of interconnected activities related to the transformation and movement of raw materials which are to become finished goods for end consumers. Supply chain management involves the efforts of various organizations which collaborate to make this chain of activities work.

Organizations involved in supply chain management may include firms with working organizations such as partners or suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers. Their activities may include integration, sourcing, procurement, production, testing, logistics, customer service, and performance measurement, among others.

Supply chain management makes use of a multi-dimensional approach to manage the flow of raw materials and semi-finished goods within the organization. It also deals with end products outside the organization until they reach the hands of the end user. A successful supply chain will emphasize customers’ needs at all times. 


Kickstart Your Logistics Career at Ranaco

If you would like to pursue a career in logistics now, Ranaco Education & Training Institute is the ideal choice for you. Our Diploma in Logistic & Supply Chain programme aims to produce graduates a rich understanding of the role of logistics and supply chain management in fulfilling the needs of industries. Students graduate after completing two years and six months of studies (seven semesters including industrial training).

To fulfill our entry requirements, students must have completed the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia Vocational (SPMV) with a minimum grade of C in any three subjects.

The following are some of the fascinating subjects we offer in this programme:

  • Logistic and The Supply Chain
  • Procurement and Supply Management
  • Demand Management and Customer Services
  • International Trade
  • Protective Packaging and Material Handling
  • Logistic Supply Chain and Information System
  • Transportation Management
  • Warehousing Management
  • Logistic and Supply Chain Challenges for the Future
  • Supply Chain Performance Measurement


Do register now – we would be more than happy for you to begin your journey to success at Ranaco Education & Training Institute!

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