Offshore Engineering in Malaysia

Offshore engineering occupies a critical position within Malaysia’s job market and economy. It is a field which is underrated and underappreciated by many; although many do not regard it as a field which provides much economic output or career options, this is a false belief. 

Offshore engineering can serve as a gateway for many to enter lucrative careers and make significant contributions to the economy and development of the country. It can be defined as a form of engineering which deals with the design and construction of structures which are to be used in a stationary position and are located in the ocean. 

It involves the application of key engineering principles to the engineering of ocean-based devices such as mooring systems, marine foundations, submersible vehicles, and offshore cables and pipelines, among others. These structures and devices may be floating platforms, subsea structures, or bottom-founded platforms; most of them are used in the oil and gas industry.

The most important reason why offshore engineering is so important relates to the proper operation of offshore equipment. The structures and devices related to offshore engineering extend far beneath the seabed and are often difficult to correctly use. 

For this reason, a competent offshore engineer must be able to design, build, install, and operate offshore equipment to ensure that the equipment will function correctly and appropriately for as long as is necessary. The less supervision is required for the equipment’s function, the higher the standard of offshore engineering exhibited. Functional, high-quality offshore equipment that comes from competent offshore engineers will efficiently extract hydrocarbon fuels from the sea and help to power the world.


Why are offshore engineers important?

Offshore engineers play a vital role within the vibrant oil and gas industry of Malaysia. Over the past several decades, the demand for offshore engineering has experienced constant growth. This growth is to be expected due to the importance of the oil and gas industry in the country. The oil and gas sector contributes around 20% of Malaysia’s total GDP.

Offshore engineers provide support to this crucial industry by providing it with important technical knowledge which would overcome any shortage of talent the industry might face. In addition, the process of extraction of oil and gas from the seabed can sometimes be an extremely costly one. Offshore engineers can devise solutions which would reduce the cost of extraction of these valuable substances, providing methods to power the nation and drive its economy at minimal cost. 

Skilled offshore engineers also assist Malaysia’s oil and gas industry by integrating knowledge of electromechanical systems and other engineering disciplines into their offshore works. These other engineering disciplines provide insights and information which can be used to drive development, innovation, and profit within Malaysia’s oil and gas industry.


Job prospects of an offshore engineer in Malaysia

An offshore engineer’s job prospects in Malaysia today are very positive. Graduates from any engineering course including offshore engineering are desired by a great many employers across the country. They will be likely to quickly and easily find employment and carve out a fulfilling career in their field. 

Since new offshore projects are constantly being proposed and developed, especially in a country such as Malaysia where the oil and gas industry takes a place of prominence and economic supremacy, many employers in the industry require the services of offshore engineers capable of delivering excellent results and thus much profit and revenue. Additionally, the global push towards environmental sustainability has required many in the industry to seek out offshore engineers who have substantial knowledge about how to design and create offshore structures and devices which will have the lowest amount of negative environmental impact possible.


Exposure of offshore engineering at Ranaco

Now that you have seen some of the benefits of entering the field of offshore engineering in Malaysia, we at Ranaco Education & Training Institute would like to present to you our Diploma in Offshore Engineering. Our diploma program provides students with comprehensive knowledge about offshore engineering and gives them a clear path to becoming a qualified offshore engineer.

Students will learn about all information and details pertaining to offshore engineering such as welding technology and inspection, hydrodynamics, soil and technical mechanics, oceanography, and offshore fabrication and reparation. Graduates will be equipped with deep knowledge of oil rig structure and design as well as the basic principles of planning and analyzing offshore structures. Such insight will serve them well as they prepare to enter a career in the oil and gas industry.

Perhaps you’ve become more interested in this course after having read all of this. Do contact us at Ranaco Education & Training Institute as soon as possible – we would be pleased to listen to your feedback.

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