The Culinary Industry of Malaysia

Just as is the case with every other industry, the culinary industry of Malaysia has seen its fair share of changes, both for better and for worse, over the years. Thus, any graduate of a culinary arts course in Malaysia would do well to take note of the trends and challenges which are currently influencing the industry.


Challenges and Trends

As always, one key challenge which those in the culinary industry must tackle is the fulfilment of customers’ most common desires. Among the food and beverage options which have become more popular recently include vegan options, dishes featuring local ingredients, and food pairings with non-alcoholic beverages. Pick-and-go restaurants have also become a trend embraced by many in Malaysia.

New culinary arts graduates in Malaysia often suffer because they have an undersized network. Networks are a crucial part of the country’s culinary industry; many graduates have missed out on lucrative jobs because they did not have a network which included people who could have put them in position for one.

In addition, many culinary arts graduates do not possess sufficient problem-solving skills. This fact is worrisome because it is impossible to have a successful career in the culinary field without the ability to solve problems correctly and rapidly.


Links to Other Industries

As is true in most other countries, the culinary industry of Malaysia often collaborates with the tourism and hospitality industries. Most colleges and universities offer culinary arts courses alongside those for tourism and hospitality.

The skills learned in the tourism, hospitality, and culinary industries are often transferable. As a result, people from these industries often interact and even change places, allowing for mutual growth.


Leading Culinary Arts Recruiters in Malaysia

Several companies have established themselves as leading recruiters of culinary arts graduates in Malaysia. They have done so by successfully meeting the needs of their many customers.

They have built up much prestige and become some of the premier employers in the country’s culinary sphere. Among them are Canton Kitchen Sdn Bhd, Nando’s Malaysia, the Grand Imperial Group, and hotel chains such as Hilton, Westin, and Shangri-La.


Diploma in Culinary Arts

Here at Ranaco Education & Training Institute, we provide a Diploma in Culinary Arts program for those who seek to enter this industry. Students graduate after completing seven semesters spanning two years and six months. We also provide them with industrial training to give them increased exposure to the industry.

Our graduates from this diploma program have gone on to work in hotels and resorts, on cruise ships, and in the restaurant and catering industries. Some have even gone on to start food businesses or restaurants of their own. Whatever their choice, they could not have achieved what they did without the foundation they received at Ranaco Education & Training Institute.

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